Area of my interest, research in terms of idea refers to the place, role and means of funcioning of the individual in modern western society.

Im interested in physiological reactions of organism to external stimuli – conditioned and unconditioned reflexes, research process using and initiating evident existance of systems conditioning kinds of emotions.

My artwork is about basic chemical and physical processes, sensual perception in relation to feelings and emotions, interpersonal relationships, capacity of imagination, delusion, abandonment, dreams and altered states of mind, world in no way limited, but located in a closed form of a certain shape.

In my recent projects I am analyzing the character and qualities of sculptures inspired by basic architectural forms, human internal organs and construction elements. Im investigating their interactions with phenomena such as gravity, balance, contrast, or their volume. In the process of modeling, firing and glazing clay, I am creating compositions with large ceramic sculptures.

Through my artwork I wish to encourage the viewers to reflect upon their own thinking process, creating their own definition of consciousness. Investigating one’s own awareness and seeking a confirmation of one’s existence as something beyond the five senses.